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Should body-cam videos be public?

A proposed Senate bill would make body-cam videos an “investigative report,” meaning they would be closed until investigations are completed.

Working toward a Missouri shield law

Missouri remains among the minority of states without a shield law for journalists. But Rep. Joe Don McGaugh has introduced a bill that would offer protections for whistle-blowers.

State audit takes Joplin School District to task

Earlier this month, the State Auditor’s Office released the final report of its audit of the Joplin School District. One key finding: The district did not “make public” the results of votes taken in closed meetings in any effective manner.

The passing of a Sunshine Hero

The Missouri Sunshine Coalition offers its condolences to the family of State Auditor Tom Schweich, who worked to educate fellow public officials about the importance of the Missouri Sunshine Law and open government. (Photo by Jessica Stewart / St. Joseph News-Press. Used with permission.)